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    Fiona Heckels

    Medically trained during her BSc in Herbal Medicine, she now blends traditional practices and scientific research to enhance individual treatment plans.

Sensory Solutions

The Dorset Practice

Fiona Heckels: Sensory Herbalism and Yoga Practice

Health and Wellbeing Coach

Herbal Medicine, Yoga, Reflexology

Personalised programmes for health issues.  


As an experienced practitioner of Herbal Medicine and reflexology, Fiona provides a safe place to explore your health issues. We want you to feel excited about your health and involvement in the treatment programme.

After the initial hour and a half appointment you will feel informed about your health and have a treatment plan in place for moving forwards.

Fiona has been immersed in nature all her life. She has studied and shared Plant Medicine for the past 20 years and now combines the two ancient disciplines of yoga and herbal medicine in her practice. She is passionate about nutrition, health, meditation, massage and healing. Medically trained during her BSc in Herbal Medicine she now blends traditional practices and scientific research to enhance an individuals treatment plan.

She has done additional training in a number of areas including birth and fertility support, yoga teacher training, aromatherapy, reflexology and relaxation techniques.

Fiona co-founded Sensory Solutions a community interest company in 2000. Sensory Solutions CIC is a herbal education and training organisation through which she runs many seasonal workshops, apprenticeships, walks and talks.


Phone: 07830 195 745




Benny Bostock: Champissage (Indian Head Massage) Practice

Benny practises the ancient art of Champissage or Indian head massage. He studied with Narendra Mehta, the founder of London Centre of Champissage. Narendra developed traditional head massage techniques to include the face, neck, upper arms and shoulders, areas that accumulate stress and tension. There is a more subtle element brought into the treatment which includes balancing work on the three upper energy centres known as chakras. Through working on these energy centres (which correspond with the physiology of hormone glands found at those areas of the body) the body's entire energy system can be rebalanced.

Treatments are 45 minutes

Contact Benny for more info on  Ph: 07780 758 451


Outdoor Personal Development Coaching

As a personal development coach, within the area of outdoor adventure sports, and having worked with yoga and massage his whole adult life, Benny is aware of how our bodies respond to the environments in which we place them. He incorporates his holistic approach to life in his training of outdoor activities such as rock-climbing, canoeing, kayaking and mountain skills. He is primarily interested in why we are so drawn to interact with the environment around us, and what we can learn about ourselves and the wider world through the challenges we meet in nature. He also works with challenging behavior and additional needs. He is also available for group bookings, private bookings and charities to arrange outdoor activities in and around the south coast of Dorset.

Courses tailored to individual needs; Ph: 07780 758 451

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Sensory Solutions


Fiona Heckels (BSc Hons, IYN, PESS)
Telephone: 07830 195 745

Karen Lawton (BSc Hons P.E.S.S. & I.Y.N.)
Telephone: 07865 081927

Belle Benfield (P.E.S.S., M.A.)
Telephone: 07818 430241