Native European Power Plants & Fungi

From the pond margins of the mighty manors to the dingly dells of the woodland clearings..the power plants lurk with their magic and medicine.

Our native and naturalised power plants are affectionately known here as ‘The Witching Herbs’. They are both extremely powerful and worthy of being treated with reverence and understanding.

We have conducted research into historical and world uses of the plants that grow in the U.K and Europe. We are fascinated by how the trends of the use of these plants for medicine and healing so often reflects the political position of herbal medicine and healers at the time.

Some of our great friends are the plants of the Solanaceae or the nightshade family, the Datura, Henbane, Mandrake and Belladonnas of this world. They are powerful medicine in the herbalists Materia medica, and it seems, were used regularly in prescriptions before the Medicines Act of 1968. These herbs became restricted to the use of herbalists only, which although shouldn’t have changed their use, inadvertent fear began to surround them. By the early 2000s, it was rare for university students of herbalism to be taught about their medicinal virtues in great depth and a whole generation of herbalists ceased to use them in the UK.

Our explorations of these herbs and use in clinical practice as well as in ritual and magic, has led us to re-discover their amazing potential as agents that will alter perception in a way that can be harnessed to aid a journey of self-discovery. We use them not only for their physical properties but for the subtle alterations they exert on the nervous system, with their own personality thrown in. We have developed characteristics for each one based on what we have observed over years of using minute doses with large groups of people and both observing and getting feedback.

We are ensuring that the knowledge and information about utilising these herbs is available to support herbalists in their practice as well as those wishing to explore our native and naturalised power plants.

We work with many of the plants and fungi of these lands and wax lyrical at conferences and events singing their wonders and praises.

Available Talks & Workshops

  • Altered states of Consciousness with native European plant medicine
  • The Witching Herbs and the flying ointment
  • Amanita Muscaria
  • Soul Wifery with Herbs

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About Us

Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution is an arts and health-education, Community Interest Company run by the Seed SistAs, Fiona & Karen.  We promote empowerment, autonomy, freedom, health, and diversity through teaching about plant medicine.  All our Herbal Medicine courses, publications, talks and tours promote the aims of the CIC: to educate about and promote the growing and use of herbal medicine.

We combine medical training and years of clinical experience with our love of creativity and plants to put herbal medicine back where it belongs: in your hands.

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