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Pathway to Peace
Seven-Day journey


Seed Sistas Bio

Congratulations for making the commitment to explore how herbs and lifestyle investments can nourish and restore frayed nerves, supporting you with stress and anxiety.

Us Seed SistAs know all about the stresses and strains of modern life, juggling family commitments, keeping a home and the day-to-day running of our Social enterprise Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution, which is our passion but still demanding!!

Because of these strains we feel extremely lucky to have the plants to guide and support us and we want to share some of our top plant friends to help with your own stresses, strains and anxieties too.

This journey will familiarise you with your own nervous system and how to promote the health of your nerves. The nervous system is often thought of as the control centre of the body. It interprets and responds to millions of messages through the senses daily. Your nervous system is busying governing signals to your organs without you even noticing…Responsible for initiating muscle movement but also implicit in your emotional health and your moods so it is of utmost importance to take a lot of care to nourish your nerves.

What to Expect

The Pathway to Peace will give you a themed day for each of the seven days, delving into differing aspects of life, being human and connection with the seven specific herbs.

You will be provided with the link, early each day that will take you to a series of videos, audio and the written word to weave your way through each day, in your own sweet time. We are attaching useful items to acquire to enrich the experience further. Herb connection is best done with the plant itself so we welcome your engagement with locating various herbs and oils. Each day, for seven days, you will meet and walk with one particular herb that has specific gifts for you on the Pathway to Peace.

On the 10th day you are invited to join us for a live question and answer webinar. A chance to hear a little more and share the experience.

You will gain:

To gain the most from the 7 days we recommend that you:

Bowl of Porridge
Fruit smoothie Glass
Health Food Rainbow Salad
Rainbow Salad

How will the course be delivered and what will the content include?

Each day (at 5.30am) you will be sent a link to your email inbox which will take you to your area. From here you will be taken on a journey through the resources for that day, including:

Throughout the week you can record any questions to ask at our Live Webinar on day 10 (Saturday 8th May 7.30pm).

You will being encouraged to use a journal to record affirmations, reflections and notes throughout the week.

Each day there will be a reflection area where you will be asked a few questions to encourage a look back at your experiences for the day. Once you have completed this, you will receive a downloadable document (from the day’s content) which is your daily reward for taking another step on the Pathway to Peace.

At the end, once all seven days’ participation are logged, you will receive a PDF certificate of completion that you can print out and keep with your journal.

Time Spent Each Day

To watch, listen and read the content offered each day you will need between 1-1 ¼ hours. Each day has additional self-care tasks that can take 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on the task.

We want to tempt you outside as soon as possible so one of our suggestions is to start right away – go for a plant exploratory walk of your local area with your plant ID book, see if you can observe what is growing around your home and meet some new plant friends. We welcome you to walk daily and see how many herbal medicines you can find in your book. You will be invited each day of the course, to go outside and connect with the plants by observing them and looking for their identification. In the middle of the course we will ask that you share a photograph of a plant you’ve identified.

How long will the content be available?

The content is available for 21 days in total from Day 1 of the course. After the Webinar, content will be available for 2 more weeks. You must complete your reflections on each day to get your downloadable content.

What will I gain at the end?

In addition the benefits of walking the Pathway to Peace, you will have a deeper connection to your local plants through your plant ID walks, you will also have 7 gift downloads and a certificate of completion.

Optional things to prepare that will enhance the course

The following items are our recommendations to get the most out of the daily tasks and meditations and to enhance your overall experience:
Herbal Tea Infusion

The Herbs are:

For the daily Self-care tasks:

You will want a plant identification book to become familiar with those herbs that you don’t know or recognise and get involved with our Pathway to Peace plant ID challenge.

Essential Oils of

Daily course schedule:

Each day covers one herb that supports the nervous system, and a corresponding theme

Day 1 – The Heart and Rose
Day 2 – Mood Balancing and Lemon Balm
Day 3 – Feeling Grounding and Chamomile
Day 4 – The Breath and Peppermint
Day 5 – Calming the Mind and Lavender
Day 6 – Vitality, Protection and Rosemary
Day 7 – Nourishment and Oats

Relaxing Herbs

From stress and anxiety to Balanced, Centred Peace

You are joining us to learn more about stress and anxiety and to take a transformational journey through to a place of centred balance.

Self Care

Taking care of yourself is a powerful act. A commitment to yourself and your own well being and a great step in the way to feeling more in control, more relaxed and able to be in the world with a renewed sense of peace.

Your Pathway to Peace will gift you tools to take away each day as well as seven herbs to get to know and learn. These will become friends that you can reach for daily, to support you and rebalance your soul.

Through the daily meditations you will be invited to become more mindful of your body sensations, to shift your state of mind, balance mood, revitalise and most importantly, find peace.

This is your course, and the more time and energy you put into it, the more you will benefit.

Self-care is the foundation of wellbeing and can be far from a selfish act. Self-care, enables you to feel more capable and engaged with life in a balanced way and therefore enables you to care for and nurture others. Indeed self-care can very much be about forging relationships, nurturing friendships, looking after the family.

Each day on the Pathway to Peace you can make notes in a journal, writing down the affirmations of the day, your notes and reflections. Each day we will ask you to engage in a little reflective time via a self-care quiz. Once you have taken this time to yourself, you will receive downloadable material from your days’ course.

Loving Gift

Signing up for and taking this course is a huge step and loving gift to yourself. We wish for you to take the time to fully engage with the process to enrich and support your Pathway to Peace.


  1. Make dietary changes and additions (caffeine reduction etc.)
  2. Make preparations in your living space (altar, meditation space etc.)
  3. Get hold of additional items and herbs

Herb Bundle

If you have ordered a Peace Herb Bundle, it will arrive in time to start taking the herbs the week before the course and we will send a link to your additional materials with instructions for use. The herb bundle is designed to provide deep nourishment for the mind, body and soul.


Do you know your local plant medicines?

Part of the Pathway to Peace course is an optional plant familiarity challenge for you to get more deeply connected to your neighbourhood herbs.