Clear Vision Drops


At this time, we Seed SistAs use our Clear Vision Drops to connect with our inner wisdom. To embrace the sweet silence of our own souls and the inner knowledge and intuition gifted to us through generations.

The dark moon-shaped bilberries live high on the moorlands and mountains with their wise friend Heather. Heather, a more jovial spirit, enhances the knowledge of the master bilberry with her humour.

Heather is known as an amazing kidney remedy, full of arbutin, a urinary antiseptic and also anti-inflammatory. Kidney health is related to seeing clearly and having strong vision, we use this as a sign that Heather also helps us to connect with the Oracle within, supporting us to follow our own intuition and internal compass.

Bilberry is a specific venous tonic, especially the blood vessels that supply the eyes. It is amazing to harvest bilberries, focusing your sights on the low-lying bushes, searching intently for her tiny jewel berries, knowing that her medicine will support the very eyesight that you need to find her. Again, strengthening our vision on the physical plane can also reverberate in our interior being, increasing our ability “to see” and search inwards, gaining clarity on questions we may be grappling with. The dark bilberries are also full of nutritive flavonoids, promoting immunity, health and vitality.

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