Deposit for March 2023 Herb Apprenticeship Course


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This is the deposit (non-refundable) for the apprenticeship course includes the following 4 weekends:

1. 17th – 19th March 2023
2. 30th June – 2nd July 2023
3. 22nd – 23rd September 2023
4. 10th – 11th November 2023


Learn to prepare and use your own herbal remedies created directly from nature on our innovative herbal health training course.

The Sensory Herb Apprenticeship course will introduce you to plants to use when you or your family are ill, and deepen your connection to the land by getting to know the herbs that grow around you.

Whether you live in the countryside, or your only contact with plants is in a flowerpot, we will take you step by step into the world of herbs.

Our residential apprenticeship in the beautiful Dorset countryside gives you the opportunity to work hands-on with over 50 medicinal plants which grow on site. Understand off-the-shelf herbal remedies and alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines. Learn about herbs of the hedgerow, meet a new world of medicinal plants and a community of like-minded earth-lovers!

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