Detox Tea



This cleansing blend is created to support the flow of fluids through the body, aiding in eliminating excess. The light spring herbs we draw on for this mix bring subtle flavours and potent actions. The diuretic, lymphatic, alterative, nutritive and hepatic properties of the blend support detoxification diets, a spring cleansing vibe. The vibrant shades of the bright cleavers, red clover, sunny yellows of the calendula petals, whites, pinks and egg yolk of the daisy blooms mixed with the greens of the dandelion leaf and nettle make for a gorgeous palate of colours which is very much part of the healing.

This tea makes for the perfect spring infusion, bringing a sense of cleaning and clearing, lightening the spirits as well as the body for a seasonal shift.

Examples of herbs: cleavers, red clover, calendula, daisy, dandelion leaf