Drops of Love


Nourishing and Supportive

Contains: rose for secrecy, rosehip to embrace cycles of life, peppermint a watery nymph to process emotions

These drops support:
• Grief for both physical, spiritual and emotional losses
• Uplifting, calming
• Insecurities, giving you a grandmother’s hug
• Under the surface fears/anxiety
• Heart love energy
• For when the heart’s been battered and bruised
• When you’ve been giving too much and need to put nurture back in
• Grieving
• Panic and Fear

Peppermint helps to clear a fuzzy head and process emotions, thus aiding the free-flow of all mental channels. The word “mint” derives from the Latin for thought.

Rose has an amazing history as symbol of mystical or divine love. It is used here for its uplifting, calming properties. The binding nature of the tannins found in rose gives the potential for containing nervous energy and erratic behaviour. It helps us to grieve for both physical and emotional or spiritual losses.

The delicious rosehip syrup is made from the wild dog rose. Wild rose’s vastly nutritious make-up provides wonderfully nurturing support for the whole body.