Herbal Cleanse Bundle



This specially created detoxification herb bundle is packed full of supportive herbs to aid with the processes of elimination and detoxification.

Supporting your body with transportation and excretory systems to promote optimal functioning of the body with these lovely herbs.  


By entering into a healthy or considered diet and lifestyle, with herbal support gently and with awareness, we can create more long-term lifestyle changes that will benefit us for years to come.


This bundle includes 


Detox tea 

This cleansing blend is created to support the flow of fluids through the body, aiding in eliminating excess. The light herbs we draw on for this mix bring subtle flavours and potent actions. The diuretic, lymphatic, alterative, nutritive and hepatic properties of the blend support detoxification diets, a cleansing vibe. 


Fresh Start Drops

The combination of these plant tinctures (turmeric, dandelion leaf, dandelion root)

 will support your organs of elimination and give you an extra boost.


Rosie’s Super Foods 

Rosie’ Super Foods are a nourishing boosting food supplement. We know that good nutrition and gut health lays the foundations for a healthy system. It’s time to think about nourishing and supporting the digestion.  Any excesses of foods, caffeine, alcohol can leave you feeling sluggish and avoiding the thought of getting back into the groove of health and vitality life. 


Turkey tail mushroom capsules

The mushroom is a perfect prebiotic and assists the microbiome and provides a big boost to our entire system, contains a variety of powerful antioxidants


Milk Thistle Carduus marianum 


Milk Thistle famed for its detoxifying and supportive action on the liver. Milk Thistle has also been shown to lower blood lipids, helping with emotional stability and increasing the flow of bile from the liver and gall bladder. It both prevents and helps cure liver damage, and reduces the fatty degeneration of the liver.