Reeking Rods Herb Bundle


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Our garden provides us with the wonderful aromatic, protective herbs that go into our handmade smoke sticks

Smoking a House

Choose a time where no one but family who live there are about for 24 hours then clean and tidy and generally have a good clear out, preparing a few bags to give away. Then put some good tunes on, light a candle in each room whilst asking for support from your guides and spirits. Light your smoke stick by pushing back some of the thread and holding a flame to the end. When it starts to take you can gently encourage it by blowing on the herbs til lovely embers forma nd the stick starts to smoke. Start in the North top corner of the house and work through each corner nook and cranny, North, East ,South, West in each room saying a mantra as you go. Something like ‘clear the old vibes and make space for new energies’. Its nice to pay special attention to the doors saying ‘let all whom enter do so with peace in their hearts and exit with filled with love’.

Smoking a person

Start at their feet and gently blowing on the smudge stick or wafting it with a big feather or wing start to work up around the body spiralling as you go. Pay special attention to the womb or pelvic area, the heart, the third eye and the crown. Finishing here. It is nice to to whisper or chant a suitable incantation/mantra as you work.

Made from: Mugwort (sometimes with additional sage or Rosemary)

This product is seasonal, so it is only available a few months each year, and will sell out quickly.