Passion Potion


Ignite your passions

Contains: chilli for passion, valerian to agitate inhibitions, daisy for playfulness and innocence.

These drops support:
• Igniting your passions
• Reconnecting with creativity
• Feeling more sensual
• Heightening the senses
• Lifting the spirits
• Joy and playfulness
• Lack of interest in life, hobbies, passions
• Relationships that need spicing up or just an injection of fun

“Drops of Desire”

Feel more sensual, sexier; ignite your passions…

Our tasty Drops of Desire are a special blend of age-old aphrodisiacs put together in a new combination.

The warmth of the chilli releases those feel good endorphins and really heightens the senses. It gets your extremities tingling.

Historically used as an aphrodisiac, valerian releases inhibitions.

Daisy is often the first herb that a child comes into contact with, picking and making daisy chains on the lawn. Daisy brings joy and innocence to the experience.