Recovery Remedy


Recovery Remedy

Get your strength back!

Contains: Crab apple (tribe), Hawthorn berry (rhythm), Sloe (adversity)

These drops support:

  • Convalescence (nurturing strength and stamina) from physical, mental, emotional illness
  • Stepping out from a period of isolation
  • Finding your own natural rhythm, thus allowing your heart to beat with the rhythm of life
  • Connecting back in with the tribe
  • Coming through a dark emotional time
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

Crab apples hold the potential for the creation of a completely genetically individual fruit tree within each pip. These rose family fruits, astringent and wholesome, connect us to our tribe, our community, and helping with feelings of loneliness that can come with prolonged periods of illness.

Hawthorn Berries are gently warming, a plant of Mars.  They support the heart and digestion keeping a steady rhythm, counselling a slow, safe space of self-care.

Sloe Berries are the first to blossom and often the last food source still out in the depth of winter supplying nourishment in the harsh often-freezing weather. Sloes are full of immune-boosting nutrients. Great for overcoming adversity.