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Sensory Sleep course.


The Power of Peaceful Sleep

We all know that when you’re the one who’s literally tossing and turning all night, worrying about work/kids/commitments set up for the following day and being completely exhausted insomnia is not a bit amusing! A decent night sleep is as vital for our overall health and immunity as good nutrition, and getting enough exercise.


According to recent studies one in every four of us is suffering from mild insomnia, this annoying and irritating inability to fall and stay asleep could stem from a short-term issue, or be the result of a lifetime of poor sleep habits.


We all want a chance to achieve long term rest and good sleep and we know that you really have to build health sleep hygiene over time.  The word hygiene refers to practices performed to maintain health as well as how we generally think of the word, as preventing disease spread.  ‘Sleep hygiene’ is something that can be practice to create good habits that can and to our general health and wellbeing have a knock-on effect in just about all areas of your life.


The Power of Herbs

Thankfully help is at hand for those suffering from insomnia or sleepless nights.

In our Sleep Clinic we reveal why your sleep might be disrupted, and the specific practises, plants and herbs that can help…

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