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This is the bundle that is only available for people who have already purchased the Pathway to Peace Course.

You will get our “Solstice Peace Bundle” Printed Guide and video – not available by purchasing the products individually, and is information tailored to using these products in combination, and alongside the course. This guide is not covered in the Core Course, and is specific to the herbs, below, that are included in the bundle.

A combination of herbs that provide nourishment for mind, body an soul when taken in combination especially in combination with the 7 day Plant Pathway to Peace Course.

4 Products are included – Max Chill, Heart and Soul Tea, Rose Cream, Rosie’s Super Foods

Maximum Chill Drops

Maximum Chill 30ml Drops
Face life‘s challenges with calm strength
Contains: lemon balm (abundance), vervain (peace), oats (protection)

These drops support:
Finding stillness amongst the ebbs and flows of the emotional body

Facing life’s challenges with calm strength

Absorbing and processing information

Easing emotional pressures

Subtle strength

Feeling nourished and protected


Anxiety & Stress

Lemon balm is soothing, relaxing & refreshing. As a herb of the moon it helps to control the ebbs and flows of the emotional body and has also been known as ‘heart‘s delight’. It is said to increase mental stamina and as a digestive herb helps to absorb and process information.

Vervain was traditionally used to drive away emotional pressures. It strengthens centers and calms the emotions acting on both the liver and the nervous system.

Oats support & nourish the nervous system. Full of vital nutrients it provides a subtle strength.

Heart and Soul Tea

" Hug in a Mug "

The strengthening heart centred, from the Rosaceae family cousins, hawthorn blooms and rosa petals, intermingled with the honey uplifting vibes of the soothing lime blossom and opened up and given a citrus zing with the gentle lemon balm makes for the perfect infusion of Peace and Tranquillity - a gift of calm.


Rose Cream

60g Luxury Rose Cream

"I used the Rose Cream, applying it while thinking self-affirming and self-forgiving thoughts, and afterwards felt incredibly sensual! Again I think the herbs worked with such power as they were integrated into a very conscious journey of self-healing, and to me that’s truly magic." - Testimonial from Veronica G, June 2020

Roses are renowned for there intoxicating, mystical scent…This beautiful, luxuriant cream is not only a wonderful face cream but also a super nurturing addition when you are caring for others, run ragged and in need of a little self-care and love. We use Rose Cream at the start of opening ceremonies, rubbed over the heart it gives a sense of protection.

Richly scented with natural rose essential oils and nourishing skin oils this a great tonifying cream for the face to be used several times a week. Feel nurtured, feel sensual, feel love.

Tub of Rose Cream

Rosie’s Super Foods

This is a power-packed food powder, create from abundantly growing plants.  They contain rosehip, alfalfa, nettle leaf, barley grass, globe artichoke and kelp.

These herbs are full of nutrients that support the system encouraging greater clarity and energy.

The powders can be added to smoothies, or just a little hot water and drunk down daily for a super vitamin and mineral plant powered boost. Utilising the medicine of Rosie’s Super Foods is a great to get the system moving, improve energy and encourage eating more consciously.   In herbal therapeutics we think about supporting all of the body’s systems to bring balance and harmony to any blend.  We’ve used herbs that have been shown to support the immune system such as Rosehip.  Herbs to support the liver like globe artichoke, and nutritional power houses like alfalfa, kelp, nettle and barley grass.

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