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We are 2 herbalists who love working with
plants and people. We make all our own
remedies from British and European herbs
that we gather ourselves. We travel and harvest
along the way, working with children and adults,
doing workshops, walks and talks as we go. We
do this from our beautiful Airstream trailer.
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We publish a seasonal newsletter so you can see what we have been upto, and what we have in the pipeline... Newsletters are available to download in PDF format or there is a web version of the current edition to browse through online.

Spring 2010 Newsletter - Download the PDF  -  View the web-version
Autumn Winter 2009/10 Newsletter - Download the PDF  -  View the web-version
Spring 2009 Newsletter - Download the PDF  -  View the web-version
Da Witches Smoking Mix
'This delicious tabacoless smoke is all herbage picked from the Witches Garden -It can
be a great help if you are trying to give up smoking Tabac or just for a pleasurable smoke.

Made from sweet elderflowers, dreamy mugwort, refreshing mint and soothing
marshmallow. Peppermint to cool n open the lungs,Eldeflower for the sweet flavour n
protective touch,Marshmallow burns well and also is associated with each individuals
weakness, can really help cutting through addictions, Mugwort has a distinct scent and
adds a dreamy intuative element to our delightful smoke.'

'The Witches Smoke has helped me to cut out Tabacco all together -it is a really tasty
blend that is easy to roll and doesn't keep going out like some other smokes...'
- David London

'This is the best smoking mix I have tried by far. Tastes good, burns well, doesn’t smell like a bomb fire (like most do). It’s so good, I've started making my own mix by collecting the plants listed on the packet with the same results. Even my tobacco smoking friends like it!' - Ben Young

'The smoking mix has really helped me to quit the evil nicotine. I found it really handy when reducing the amount I smoked and now I've recently stopped its good in stressful or social occasions when you really need to smoke something. Its got a fresh taste, rolls well and smokes well (you don't have to keep lighting it every 2 seconds like other herbal stuff I've tried). I'd def recommend it as a backy substitute. The tin is also very cool and much nicer to look at than a man with a giant tumor coming outa his neck!' - Felicity Jones

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Sensory Herb craftin Apprenticeships

Starting March 2014 we are running a course on herbalism set over four weekends and
one introductory day. If you are interested in learning more about the plants that grow around
us, and how to use them to make your own remedies, lotions and potions, then book a place
on our course. Weekend seminars are as follows:

Autumnal Air: Breath of Life - 18th - 20th Sept 2015
Winter Earth: Bare Bones = 6th - 8th November 2015
Spring Water Leaves: Detox - 18th - 20th March 2016
Summer Fire Flowers: Blood 'n' Passion - 13th - 15th May 2016

Accomodation and Meals are all included in the price of the course, which is based on
the west dorset coast. So if you fancy 4 weekends away with Da Witches learning hands-on about
herb craftin then book your place now. Places are limited so don't delay.

Click here to learn more about the Seminars, Prices or to book your place.

Feedback from some of our previous courses:

'Excellent day workshop I can honestly say I totally loved every minute. So well researched, what a fascinating subject Herbalism is' - Evie, Welwyn

'Wonderful friendly day, informative, great presentation these ladies are really knowledgeable about a subject they are so obviously passionate about.' - Sue, Leeds

'What a lovely fun-filled day extremely informative, nice environment, lovely teas and cakes n lots of tasting and smelling and feeling which I loved' - Tina, Wales

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Passion Potion
"I bought these drops at Witchfest in late 2008 - I was a bit sceptical as I have never
experienced using herbs other than in cooking, but thought what the heck it can't do any
harm! I was actually amazed at how well these drops work, my senses were heightened,
I felt really at ease and happy. Another time I took them I had forgotten I'd taken them earlier
in the day and had a drink that evening - wow, the drink certainly added to it! I really rate this
little bottle, and will be back to try other potions!" - Jenny

" After trying some fo the dragons breath at the shamania festival over the summer i knew
i wanted to get myself a little bottle, and now i have. I had the most immense night out on it
at the festival and look forward to trying it when i go out partying in future. After having taken
it for the first time i felt like i could channel my energies into doing absolutely anything that i wanted. To think that its made of nothing but natural ingredients and that this is actualy good for you is amazing. Plus more importantly it tasted wicked. So to conclude, if youve not already bought some, then you should." - Tricky Dickie buy this product >>
Ache Ease
"This stuff is awesome. When my gran fell and broke her hip it was the only thing that
would actually help elliviate the pain, she loves it, and I love it for it helping get her fit
and healthy again. Since then I've used it for a multitude of other things. It works a treat on insect bites, both stopping the rabbid scratching, and relieveing the swelling.
Its also really good for back ache, not only because it sorts the pain out, but the consistency of it makes it perfect for use as a massage balm. Also, I've used it when ill for helping with throat and headaches as not only does it provide pain relief but has a relaxing menthol smell. This product doesnt contain any
nasty stuff, and WILL help you get back on your feet if you're in pain." - Tricky Dickie

"As someone who had never really used herbal remedies before, I had no real expectations of this product. I had asked Karen and Fiona for help with a persistent knee problem. The joint was stiff and inflamed, and was often quite painful, especially at night or on long car journeys. My ability to do sport was suffering, which was having quite a negative effect on my general wellbeing. I was reassured to find my initial consultation with witches to be as thorough and informative as any I'd had with other healthcare professionals (e.g Physio, G.P, etc) I was given Ache-Ease to apply to the knee itself, and herbs to drink in tea. I used these according to Karen and Fiona's simple advice. There was a definite improvement after only a few days, and a short time after that all my symptoms had either disappeared or were greatly reduced. Because of this I was able to train for an important sport exam which I passed with distinction. Ache-Ease is now always in my training bag. As somebody who is interested in results, I have no hesitation in recommending this product." - Jack Lamont

"I was diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis earlier this year. My main symptom is stiffness and soreness in my hands, particularly my fingers. I met Fi at the Workhouse Festival in Llanfyllin this summer and she suggested I try ache ease. Thanks Fi, it works - when I use the balm it eases the stiffness in my fingers." - Eileen Roberts

" My family and i have been using this fantastic product for the last few months, i found that when the weather is damp my knees ache, and after applying the ache ease warmer it just really helps to relieve the pain. My youngest son suffers with growing pains in his legs, so we tried the Warmer, to our relief it worked.I would defiantly recomend this to others..Thanks sensory solutions!" - Sarah Macfarlane buy this product >>
Healing balm
‘We have been using the Healing Balm in our house for some time now and have found it to
be wonderful! It's great for skin irritations and cuts, and also fantastic as a moisturizer for even
very dry skin. My husband has bouts of mild to severe eczema, and discovered that the Balm
soothes his sore skin better than anything else he's tried. It also stops his itching immediately
and so helps to break the "itch-scratch cycle". He finds too that when he has broken skin,
the Healing Balm helps it to heal very quickly. It's a lovely, natural, vital product and I'd recommend it to anyone.’ - Kira buy this product >>

Sensory Solutions is a not for profit organisation.

We are trying to build something really positive. If you'd like to support us, please feel free to leave a donation. Simply click the button below which will take you to paypal where you can enter the amount you wish to donate. (a paypal account is not necessary)

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If you would like to contact us about any other aspect of Sensory solutions please phone or email us on one of the following:
Fiona: 07830 195 745
Karen: 07865 081927

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