About Us

About Us

Nature’s story is ripe to be told and creation is thirsting hear
it, through our actions,
above the din, 
the white noise, 
the kerfuffle of humanity,
We store,
We Restore & Re-story the tales that want to be told

We gift you Sensory Herbalism; natures alarm clock.

A movement, rooted in chaos, that’s both ancient and evolving…..

Karen & Fiona are The Seed Sistas

Over decades of study and clinical practice in herbal medicine, the Seed SistAs have developed their our own style and structure of herbalism which encompasses many diverse art forms; carefully listening to and being guided the voices of the plants.  The plants unearth a forgotten language accessible through the practice of Sensory Herbalism.

One of their main focuses is sharing Sensory Herbalism in order to Cultivate Change through Eco-Activism with Community Medicine Garden Projects.

The word ‘Sensory’ is used to describe the way we work with the plants; getting to know them through using all of our senses and intuition, having a strong focus on physical movement, meditation, art and ritual in herbal practice. 

Like so much in this fast-paced materialistic society, it is easy to ignore the connections between a bottle on the shelf in a health food shop and a living, growing plant out in our local surroundings. Many of the herbs contained in bottles in shops come from other continents. We use local plants and aim to demystify complicated medical jargon with something accessible to all.

The Seed SistAs believe that a positive shift occurs in each person that is educated about the harvesting and utilisation of herbal medicine.  A reconnection with our beautiful plants and planet ensues. That’s how we will be able to build a whole new system of healing relevant to today. A system that takes the pressure off the NHS by empowering people to treat their minor ailments with abundantly growing herbs and a system that builds healthy communities by connecting people to their local plants, to each other, good health and our beautiful Earth.

Open your senses to a world waiting to meet you.  Right outside your door are hundreds of herbal friends that can open you up and connect you to a supportive web that never leaves your side, all you have to do is listen closely.  

Plant medicine is all around us, it is of the ancestors and of our future.  We cannot turn our back on nature, we can choose to evolve and to become Nature’s advocates and protectors. 

Faith in Plants

‘The most beautiful and complex artwork we can make is our identity’ 

Grayson Perry

The Seed SistAs promote empowerment, autonomy, freedom, health, and diversity through teaching about plant medicine. We live by our herbs and are proud to support a growing network of earth-lovers who do the same.

Our dream is to get as many people as possible to re-connect with herbs, to renew the history and practice of using herbs for medicine, for fun and for spiritual growth.

We’d love for you to come and join us…

In support and with support

Over the years we have worked with a range of organizations, been gifted grants and mentorship.  The development of Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution would not be what it has become today if we hadn’t of linked up with like-minded people and had the support and encouragement that we have.

The Princes Trust

From our early days at the conception of our project, we received a loan and mentorship from The Princes Trust.

The Eden Project

We were commissioned by a homeless shelter in Herefordshire to work with The Eden Project and a group of young people on Gardens for Change at Chelsea Flower Show. The young people produced a wonderful entry all about the roots of main modern day pharmaceutical medications, the created a garden with various pill packets embedding into the flooring with the respective plants that the medicine derived from alongside. We have also been participants in the Eden Projects ‘community leadership training’ to hone our skills which has been invaluable.

The School of Social Entrepreneurs

We have completed a program with The School for Social Entrepreneurs and received funding for them to set up a new website to help our message to grow.  They helped us to create solid foundations in the structure of our organisation Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution and have been great support since.

The Earthpathways diary and Seed Fund

The wonderful Earthpathways diary, granted Seed Fund money for an apprentice towards starting her herbal journey and also a separate Seed Fund grant for the community medicine garden set up at Monkton Wylde Court

Personal & Local Projects

We have also been involved in many local organizations and projects, bringing communities together and cultivating change.  This includes the epic development of Northaw Community Orchard which is now a hub in Hertfordshire for peace, fruit and food, herbal medicine and community gatherings.

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About Us

Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution is an arts and health-education, Community Interest Company run by the Seed SistAs, Fiona & Karen.  We promote empowerment, autonomy, freedom, health, and diversity through teaching about plant medicine.  All our Herbal Medicine courses, publications, talks and tours promote the aims of the CIC: to educate about and promote the growing and use of herbal medicine.

We combine medical training and years of clinical experience with our love of creativity and plants to put herbal medicine back where it belongs: in your hands.

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Fiona & Karen